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Off Campus World Language Courses

Note, coursework in languages other than English is not an SDUHSD graduation requirement. It is posted to SDUHSD transcripts as credit toward electives for high school graduation requirements.



Per Board Policies 6146.1, 6146.11, and 6146.3, the district shall grant elective credit toward high school graduation for successful completion of coursework in languages other than English in a private school. (Education Code 51243-51244, 5 CCR 1632), only if all of the following conditions are met:


1. The institution has been fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools & Colleges, or a regional equivalent, as a school offering courses leading to a high school diploma and/or University of California approved. Courses taken through providers that are accredited only as Supplementary Ed programs by WASC will not be posted using SDUHSD college preparatory course numbers.

2. The courses are in languages designated in Education Code 51244 or State Board of Education regulations.

3.  The amount of credit sought equals at least one semester’s work.

4.  An SDUHSD Off-Campus Course Permission Request form must be signed by the student, parent/guardian and counselor prior to a student enrolling in the private instruction off-campus course.

5. The student shall receive the same letter grade for the high school credit as is granted by the private instruction school. No weighted grade credit will be granted with the exception of College Board Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses that are weighted by the University of California. AP courses must be on the outside school’s AP Course Ledger or provide evidence of an approved College Board AP Audit for the year taken in order to be placed on the transcript.

6. Upon completion of the course, the student must submit an official, written transcript that includes grade issued and credit earned, as evidence from the off-campus school showing that the student successfully completed the course.


In addition, SDUHSD allows students to receive transfer elective credit for eligible world language courses offered by schools that are not on a UC a-g approved list and for those pre-approved schools which are not fully accredited but have been certified through the district process. Please reference the following documents:


These approved private world language courses do not count as part of the 30-credit off-campus limit only if the language is not offered by a student's district school. 

CSU/UC admission practices for a language other than English include alternative methods to fulfill the requirement, including exam scores, so please consult with your school counselor.
Please note, courses in a language other than English will be awarded transfer credit on the SDUHSD transcript only if the school is fully accredited, UC-approved, or on the SDUHSD-approved non-accredited list for the current school year. Schools that are not fully accredited are reviewed and approved annually between February and March for the following school year. Questions from schools that are not fully accredited may be directed to Educational Services at the SDUHSD District Office.