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Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE)

ISPE program Information

ISPE program Information

SDUHSD supports and values after-school activities and encourages student participation in extra-curricular areas of interest. However, these outside sports do not take the place of SDUHSD physical education courses following the K-12 California State Standards in Physical Education while offering an introduction to diverse sporting activities in the context of a cooperative environment. Students are encouraged to participate in the SDUHSD on-campus physical education program in middle and high school.

While our primary recommendation is that all students participate in the district physical education program, SDUHSD offers an Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE) program for high-ranking athletes who compete as an individual at the regional, state, or national levels in specified sports. An independent study course requires personal accountability and maturity. Students in ISPE will be responsible for fulfilling the requirements of the ISPE Contract, which includes completion of all workouts logs and the submission of all reports. Please understand that due to the independent nature of this program, a large component of a student's grade (pass/fail) is earned based upon the accomplishment of their agreed-upon objectives and communication of this information to the ISPE Coordinator in a timely fashion.

ISPE frequently asked questions for middle school and high school are linked below.
2022-2023 potential SDUHSD Physical Education course offerings are linked here.
What is independent Study IN Physical Education?

What is independent Study IN Physical Education?

ISPE is a voluntary alternative instructional strategy for providing regular education. Students work independently, according to a written agreement, and under the general supervision of a credentialed teacher. Attendance in IS is based on the time value of the student’s work product, as determined by the student’s supervising teacher. Because ISPE is an alternative instructional strategy, not an alternative curriculum, students follow the same course of study and meet the same academic standards as classroom-based students. IS students must adhere to EC sections 51222, 51225.3, 51241, and 60800, the latter requiring all students in grades five, seven, and nine to be tested in the state’s physical performance test (FITNESSGRAM®). Note: IS is offered at the option of the district, and not all districts offer this alternative instructional strategy. (CA Department of Education, Physical Education Frequently Asked Questions)