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“The desire of educators is to have students recognize their responsibility as members of the global community to participate ethically and with humanity in their interactions with various nations, cultures, and peoples.”  
SDUHSD provides a History-Social Science education that reflects the richness and complexity of the human experience. Our goal is to guide and support diverse learners through a full and culturally responsive curriculum to understand history from a variety of perspectives. Courses are designed in alignment with California History-Social Science Content Standards, the California History-Social Science Framework and other applicable mandated legislation.  Through high-quality, grade level instruction, students are immersed in a strong foundation of content knowledge, methods of inquiry, literacy, critical thinking skills, civic mindedness, and democratic values.  Engaging activities allow students to examine and evaluate primary and secondary sources, and articulate findings through justification of arguments.  Through understanding the past and making connections to the present, students will be empowered to enter a future as global-minded citizens who value the dignity and worth of all human beings.
middle school courses

middle school courses

In the California Standards and Framework, grades 6-8 are developed as a Middle School content series. The 6th grade content is taught in our elementary feeder districts. For more detailed information, all K-12 topics can be found in the CA History-Social Science Content Standards and Framework.

6th Grade* World History and Geography: Ancient Civilizations
*SDUHSD is a 7th-12th grade school district.   These 6th grade topics are taught in our elementary feeder districts.
  • Paleolithic Era to the Agricultural Revolution (Standard 6.1)
  • Mesopotamia, Egypt and Kush (Standard 6.2)
  • Ancient Hebrews (Standard 6.3)
  • Ancient Greece (Standard 6.4)
  • Early Civilizations of India (Standard 6.5)
  • Early Civilizations of China (Standard 6.6)
  • Roman Republic and Roman Empire (Standard 6.7)

7th Grade World History and Geography: Medieval and Early Modern Times 300 - 1750 CE
  • Roman Empire (Standard 7.1) 
  • Origins and Rise of Islam (Standard 7.2) 
  • China in the Middle Ages (Standard 7.3) 
  • Civilizations of Ghana & Mali (Standard 7.4)
  • Japan in the Middle Ages (Standard 7.5) 
  • Early to later Middle Ages in Europe (Standard 7.6) 
  • MesoAmerica and the Andean Region (Standard 7.7)
  • The Renaissance of Europe (Standard 7.8) 
  • The Reformation in Europe (Standard 7.9)
  • The Scientific Revolution in Europe (Standard 7.10)
  • Exploration, Age of Reason, and Enlightenment (Standard 7.11) 
  • Persian (Sasanian) Empire (Framework Ch. 11)
  • The Gupta Empire (Framework Ch. 11)
  • The Korean Peninsula (Framework Ch. 11)

8th Grade United States History and Geography: Growth and Conflict
  • Colonial and Revolutionary America: Founding of the Nation (Standard 8.1)
  • Creating a New Government: The US Constitution (Standard 8.2)
  • Building a New Nation/Early Republic (Standards 8.3, 8.4)
  • Early Foreign Policy (Standard 8.5)
  • Early 1800’s Regional Development: Northeast (Standard 8.6)
  • Early 1800’s Regional Development: South (Standard 8.7)
  • Early 1800’s Regional Development: Westward Expansion (Standard 8.8)
  • Slavery and Abolition (Standard 8.9)
  • The Civil War (Standard 8.10)
  • Reconstruction (Standard 8.11)
  • Industrial Revolution (Standard 8.12)
high school courses

high school courses

Details coming soon.

10th Grade World History

11th Grade United States History

12th Grade American Government and Economics

In addition to required grade level courses, SDUHSD offers many electives in social science. Please see each school's course offerings for more information.
frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions



  • 6000 Board Policies - Instruction
  • 6142.94 History-Social Science Instruction
  • Board Policy 6146.1  - Three courses in social studies, including United States history and geography; world history, culture, and geography; a one-semester course in American government and civics; and a one-semester course in economics as follows: • One course of World History in grade 10 • One course of United States History in grade 11 • One semester of American Government in grade 12 • One semester of Economics in grade 12
  • High School Diploma & College Entrance Requirements