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Thank you for your interest in enrolling in the San Dieguito Union High School District. Our teachers, administrators, and support staff are committed to excellence for our district families and students. 
SDUHSD enrolls all students in grades 7-12 who currently reside within district attendance boundaries. Please review the School Locator & Boundaries Map and Board Policy 5111.1 which outlines district residency criteria. The district does not accept international exchange students and does not participate in the I-20 program. 
The Department of Education requires local educational agencies to collect and report demographic data consistent with federal requirements. Aeries and educational agencies must abide by these valid code combinations and are not allowed to change them.​ (Ref: California Government Code Section 8310.5, CDE FAQs - Race and Ethnicity Collection and Reporting​)  ​Information about citizenship/immigration status is never needed for school enrollment and a Social Security number is never needed for school enrollment. Required documents for students arriving with their families from outside of the United States include immunization records and documents from the student’s parent or guardian to demonstrate proof of the child’s age. English Language screening is required by California law for each student who has a language other than English in their linguistic background. SDUHSD personnel will schedule an appointment for the assessment once enrollment is completed.
We hope to make the enrollment process as efficient as possible - below please access tabs with information related to enrolling. 

Enroll In Schools

Please see the instructions for current school year enrollment or pre-enrollment for the next school year.
All enrollment is conducted using the Aeries Online Enrollment platform. The online process must be completed before the School Registrar can actually enroll the student.  
  • The Aeries Online Enrollment platform is completely separate from the Aeries Parent or Student Portal platform. If you have an existing Aeries Portal account, please DO NOT attempt to use it for online enrollment. If you already have a parent portal account for another student, you will be able to link your new student to the existing portal after the student enrollment is completed with the School Registrar. 
  • Enrollment is not used for high school selection. For High School Selection information, please go to the High School Selection tab on this page.
Resources to review prior to beginning the enrollment process: 
  1. Search the School Site Locator and District Boundary Map for your current residential address to identify your residential boundary school assignment.
  2. Gather the Required Enrollment Documents and Information (English/Spanish) - During your session, you will be required to upload all Required Enrollment Documents and Information. For assistance, refer to the Aeries Online Enrollment DOCUMENT UPLOAD Guide (English and Spanish) and the Online Enrollment Application Video Tutorial.
  3. For troubleshooting support, refer to Aeries Online Enrollment Guide. 
  4. Parent and student portal accounts will automatically be created after the school registrar finalizes the student enrollment; you will receive an email with instructions at that time. 
Click the button to begin Start Enrollment Online


  • For general enrollment questions, contact the boundary school.
  • For CURRENT SCHOOL YEAR ENROLLMENTS ONLY: after submitting the required Confirmation/Signature Page, please contact the boundary school directly if you have not heard from the School Registrar within a few working days.
Boundary Middle School Welcome Letter (English/Spanish)
  • Carmel Valley Middle School -
  • Diegueño Middle School -
  • Earl Warren Middle School -
  • Oak Crest Middle School -
  • Pacific Trails Middle School -
Boundary High School Enrollment Emails
  • La Costa Canyon High School - 
  • Torrey Pines High School - 

 Academy High School Enrollment Emails
  • Canyon Crest Academy High School - 
  • San Dieguito High School Academy - 


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Immigration at California Schools: Guide for Students & Families - Know Your Rights
Optional Forms
- Application for Free Meals English/Spanish
- Authorization to  Administer Medication - English/Spanish
- Lunch Prepaid by Credit Card - English/Spanish 
- Pesticide Notification - English/Spanish
- Pesticide Spray Schedule - English/Spanish
- Transportation - English/Spanish