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For those families that don't have access at home, we wanted to share a few resources that could help provide affordable options to help families connect.

If you are not sure what provider covers your location, you may check:

Low-cost home internet options for qualifying families:

Various providers have also made their public hotspots available for free during this time.  Below is information on how to locate a hotpot.

You may also share your cell phone's data connection as a hotspot for other devices:

Additional options in response to COVID-19

In the last week, the FCC has put out the Keep Americans Connected Pledge and many companies have signed on to offer assistance to families and schools.  In addition to the commitments in the pledge, several telecom companies have made their own commitments ranging from increasing data caps to waiving overages depending on the company.  The goal is to help students maintain access to educational resources during this rapid shift to online learning solutions. Contact your wireless provider for specifics, but we've included some links to their resource pages below: