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Canyon Crest Academy

Canyon Crest Performing Arts and sports
  Home of the Ravens  
RavensCanyon Crest Academy (CCA) is a learning community based on the values of shared responsibility and mutual respect among teachers, staff, parents, and students. Canyon Crest Academy commits to providing positive, meaningful and rigorous learning experiences that promote the intellectual, social, physical and creative development of students. The curriculum responds to evolving student interests and includes specialized and in-depth studies. Students are supported in taking intellectual and creative risks as they engage in their studies. Canyon Crest Academy honors the diversity of thought and culture while being united in its mission. Graduates of Canyon Crest Academy experience a personal connection to the curriculum that enables them to be confident, life-long learners.
Contact Us
951 Village Center Loop Road
San Diego, California 92130
Phone: (858) 350-0253
Fax: (858) 350-0280
School Hours
8:30 am - 3:30 pm


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Assistant Principals
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