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Facilities, Planning and Construction

facilities, planning and construction department

facilities, planning and construction department

 Welcome to the Facilities, Planning and Construction Department.  This Department is responsible for the following:
  • Planning and construction of modernization projects at schools
  • Planning and construction of future schools
  • Prop AA Bond Program
  • Development and update of facilities master plans
  • Coordinating land acquisition
  • Identification of funding sources
  • Coordinating applications for state and federal funding to assist in financing of modernization projects
  • Obtaining state and local approvals for all construction projects on school facilities
  • Integrating technology infrastructure projects with facilities master plan
  • Utilities management
  • Mello Roos bond and tax collection for facility project funding
  • Payment of Developer Fees
Facilities Planning & Construction Department
625 N. Vulcan Ave.
Encinitas, CA  92024
facilities staff Directory

facilities staff Directory

Staff Title  Extension
John Addleman Executive Director, Planning Services 5532
Daniel Young Director of Planning Services 5618
Ralf Bernard Construction Projects Manager 5620
Daniel Rodriguez Construction Projects Manager 5621
Maria Lindley Facilities Planning Analyst 5629
Stacey Snethen Facilities Planning Analyst 5624
Julie Nohre Planning Finance Technician 5514
Therese Doyle Construction & Facilities Project Coordinator 5611
Sydney Wilkinson Secretary 5578