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Digital Schools Suite Plus

Digital Schools Suite Plus is a secure method of accessing your employment information online. No one can access your personal information without your login and password. DS Suite Plus allows you to review your own personal information that the Human Resources Department has on file. Emergency Contact Information can be edited and updated at any time by the employee. Features include:
  • Personal information
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Leave Account Balances
  • Benefits/Deductions
  • Certificated Credential Information
  • No Child Left Behind
  • Service History


This program can be accessed from any computer that has internet access.

Below are some FAQ's about the new changes!


Q- How do I log on?    
Go to the "Start Page" and click on the "Employee Resources"  tab. Scroll down to Digital Schools Suite Plus.  Your login is your District email address:

Q- I do not know my password, how do I get into the program?

A-  Once you are on the main page you "Register" and fill in all the boxes. You will be doing two things, confirming who you are and setting up your own personal password. The password must be 8 characters minimum. Once you have filled out the information, the system will direct you to "click" to enter the program.


Q- I forgot the password or I want to change it, how do I do that?
A- If you should forget, lose or just want to change your password, click on "Reset Password". You may do this as many times as you want/need. Note: The password must be 8 characters minimum.


Q- I click on the different links and nothing happens.
A- Your computer needs to be updated. If you are at work please contact your site tech. If you are at home, run your updates. If after your computer is updated and you are still having difficulties, please contact Barbara Crisostomo, ext 5513 or Courtney Fryt, ext 5524.


Q- How do I add a new emergency contact?
1.  Click on the tab titled "Emergency contact"
2.  Click "add new contact". This will outline the field in which to enter the contact name.
3.  Type in your emergency contact's name.
4.  Use the tab key to move to the "Phone" Number field. Type in your contact's phone number.
5.  Use tab key moving to the "Type" field. Select Contact Type from the drop down menu to add relationship type
6.  Use tab key moving to the Comments field.  Add any comments you may have.
7.  Continue hitting the tab key until you are on the new line below the name you just entered, this will save the record.
     You must tab down to a new line after every person is entered to save the information


Q- How do I change my emergency contacts?
A- To edit an existing record, simply click on that record; the text will become editable when you click on it. When you have finished
     editing or adding a record, "click off" the row to save the information.


Q- How do I delete an emergency contact?
A- Click "delete" to the left of the contact name.

If you have any questions please contact Barbara Crisostomo, ext 5513 or Courtney Fryt, ext 5524.