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program overview

program overview

The SDUHSD Multilingual Learner Program is an organized, content-based, culturally sensitive program of instruction in which participating students designated as English Learners (primary language other than English) are provided with literature and a writing-based English as a Second Language program. In addition, content area classes such as math, science, and social studies are taught in English using specialized techniques to provide access to the core curriculum. Whenever necessary, the primary language is used to support academic skills, bridging the way to second language learning.
The mission of the SDUHSD Multilingual Learner Program is to provide Multilingual Learner students with a rigorous curriculum and appropriate support services, which will develop academic English language skills. Our teachers utilize effective strategies, validate the native language and culture of all students, and work to create leadership roles for Multilingual Learners. The Multilingual Learner Program involves the entire SDUHSD learning community in its vision.
The SDUHSD Multilingual Learner Program’s purpose is to prepare and educate second language students for success in secondary education, with pathways to college and career success.
Multilingual Learner Plan
Click to view the SDUHSD Multilingual Leaner Plan in Korean (Coming Soon)
Multilingual learner program staff

Multilingual learner program staff

District Office
School Multilingual Learner (MLL) Lead Multilingual Learner Administrator Multilingual Learner Counselor
CVMS Jason Dickinson, Alexa Henning, Shannon Meredith  Nathan Molina Karen Infantino
DNO Alexis HIllenbrand Miriam Kramer Laura Martin
EWMS Amy Olson & Cheryl Yoshida Erica Williams Jessica Craven
OCMS Katie Bator, Tracy McCabe, Sonya Ramirez Victoria Anderson Michelle McNeff
PTMS Emily Nybo Kathryn Freeman Carsen Murt
CCA Lara Rhoads Brianna Castellanos Vanessa McPherson
LCC Anastasia Kokkinis Brenda Robinette  Melissa Hernandez-Cyr
SDA Laura Bennett Jaime Garman Vicki deJesus
Sunset Sara Balderas Rick Ayala Sara Balderas
TPHS Guen Butler & Joanne Seranno Tracy Olander All Counselors