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High School Independent Study Online Learning Program

High School CONCURRENT Credit Recovery Option

High School CONCURRENT Credit Recovery Option

This concurrent credit recovery independent study online (ISOL) option, using the Edgenuity online program courses, is offered only to enrolled grade 11 and 12 students who need to recover 10-20 credits toward fulfilling high school graduation requirements.
What will it look like for the student?
  • All courses will be completed virtually. In-person attendance for required course assessments, outside of the school day. The student is responsible for transportation for in-person assessments.
  • The student will take one ISOL class at a time and can begin another course once they complete the first course (A new contract and course section are required for a second-course addition.).
  • The ISOL class must be in addition to 240 minutes of instruction/daily coursework. 
  • A district teacher will be facilitating the learning
  • Student enrollment in ISOL follows the posted SDUHSD add/drop and grading periods.
  • Eligible students and parents should first contact their school counselor to determine whether this optional program is appropriate and to discuss graduation requirements and any credits needed as well as school options for remediation.
  • All essential ISOL details can be found in the SDUHSD Independent Study Online Course Contract, which is available for review by meeting with the school counselor. All students who elect to enroll in an ISOL class must sign this contract along with their parent, counselor, and supervising administrator.
  • Enrolled students must follow all Independent Study regulations.
  • All ISOL Concurrent Credit Recovery course exams will be proctored in person.

Courses offered concurrently during the school year:

  • English 9, 10, 11, 12
  • World History, US History, American Government, Economics
  • Financial Math

All of the above classes meet SDUHSD graduation requirements. 


Online courses delivered via this format will not be accepted by CSU/UC or NCAA as fulfilling college entrance requirements. It is the student's responsibility to check with an admissions officer from each campus for their practices related to self-paced independent study coursework.