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Health Course Online

CA Health content

CA Health content

All grade 9-12 students must receive State of California Health content. The standard way to meet this requirement as part of the district course of study is for grade 9 students to complete a 9th-grade Physical Education or Independent Study PE course, which will include the CA Health Education content within the course.  
Independent Study Online Health
The district offers an independent study online health course for eligible students. The online health course does not require students to attend a class - they can complete the course from anywhere that they can access the online curriculum. The course provides the CA content and does not earn a grade or credits on the transcript.
The eligibility criteria is: 
  1. Students who are exempt from enrollment in Year 1 PE due to medical reasons (physician’s note required)
  2. Students who are enrolled in Access PE instead of Year 1 PE per an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
  3. 12th graders newly enrolled in the district who have fulfilled the PE requirement and still need to receive CA Health Education per the CA Healthy Youth Act
  4. Incoming grade 9 students enrolled in a team sports PE class without the health curriculum  in 9th grade instead of Year 1 PE at La Costa Canyon or Torrey Pines High School 
Families of eligible students should contact their school directly for information about enrolling in online health.
School Site Contacts
  • Canyon Crest Academy - Mr. Garry Thornton,, (858) 350-0253 ext. 4003
  • La Costa Canyon High School- Mr. Leo Fletes,, (760) 436-6136 ext. 6006
  • San Dieguito High School Academy - Mr. Adam Bishop,, (760) 753-1121 ext. 5006
  • Sunset High School - Ms. Sara Balderas,, (760) 753-3860
  • Torrey Pines High School  - Ms. Rebecca Gallow,, (858) 755-0125 ext. 2093
    For general questions please email: 
SDUHSD Summer Online Health Course Information

SDUHSD Summer Online Health Course Information

The summer online Health course runs concurrently with SDUHSD Summer School dates from June - July.
All eligible students must:
  1. Review the mandatory online orientation presentation for online Health 
  2. Complete the application enrollment contract for the summer Health course (embedded in the orientation presentation).
  3. Complete 100% of all course content by the July deadline.
For information about Health Education in California, including the California Healthy Youth Act, Frequently Asked Questions, and Opt-Out Information, please visit the SDUHSD Health webpage or click here.