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As identified in the Local Accountability Control Plan, SDUHSD addresses school climate factors including increasing school connectedness, which positively impacts student well-being and achievement. Professional learning and training are provided in student engagement and support areas for staff members including bullying prevention, restorative practices, and suicide prevention.  
We are focused on the outcomes of 
  • creating safe, welcoming, supportive schools and classrooms
  • building resilience and healthy coping strategies and the ability to process complex emotions
  • providing students and families with information about supports and resources, including how to seek help if needed 
School Teams, including counselors, school social workers, school psychologists, teachers, and administrators are available to support students during the school day. Each school participates in ongoing work to support students such as counseling, interventions, Student Study Teams, groups, and other school-wide strategies to promote student connectedness and well-being. Please visit school sites directly for contacts, events, and more information. 
Parent and Community Involvement includes staff, parents, and community groups through advisory councils, school site councils, liaisons, memorandums of understanding, parent presentations, principal coffees, surveys, and safety and wellness teams. A district advisory group that included a parent representative from each site worked collaboratively with leaders on topics for the district to address in providing parent education and resources around safety, wellness, and social-emotional learning. 
Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Layered
SDUHSD offers Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) addressing social-emotional needs where all students receive universal support school-wide, and some students receive further layered supports to supplement the universal offerings.


California Assembly Bill 2022 requires schools to notify pupils and parents or guardians of pupils of how to initiate access to available pupil mental health services on campus or in the community. Many families will begin with their health insurance for physical and mental health needs and referrals. There is further information about Healthy Families and Medi-Cal for Families as well as Voluntary Student Accident Insurance as part of Enrollment from Health Services. 
Key Roles Integrated Counselor Social Worker Psychologist
If your student needs support at school, our trained professional staff members, including school counselors, school social workers, school psychologists, nurses, teachers, and administrators are available to support students during the school day. If you have a non-emergency social-emotional concern about a student, the school counselor is your first contact for assistancePlease visit the school website for more information about how to access student support services at that school. 
Student privacy and confidentiality are respected - students must trust the school staff member to have meaningful and honest dialogue. Specific exceptions to confidentiality exist in which school support staff must inform others of information obtained from students in order to prevent harm to students themselves or others, and if it is legally required. 
For further mental health support, SDUHSD partners with CareSolace, a confidential online resource with a live 24X7 concierge line (888) 515-0595 meant to assist individuals in finding local mental health-related programs and counseling services. To use Care Solace, individuals answer basic questionsto receive a list of referrals to applicable care providers. Care Solace takes into account all types of private insurance including Medi-Cal, Medicaid, and Medicare and those with no insurance. The system also filters by age, gender, zip code, and special request. Care Solace is available for use by San Dieguito families at no cost. Care Solace does not require a user’s name, address, phone number, or date of birth. All of the information that is entered on their platform is completely confidential and stored securely.