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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

SDUHSD recognizes the importance of all students having access to college and career information to assist them in planning for post-secondary options. The college and career themes and activities in the scope and sequence offer grade-level lessons or presentations in the areas of course planning, career exploration, and aligning student interests to future areas of study, training, and careers. SDUHSD teachers follow California Content Standards and Frameworks and counselors support students in grades 7-12. Counselors participate in training related to college and career counseling annually. We work collaboratively with educational partners to support all students being college and career ready upon high school graduation.
SDUHSD College & Career Scope and Sequence Overview
Grade 7 Study Skills, Career Exploration, Course Planning
Grade 8
Personal Interest Alignment with Career Exploration, Preparing for High School, Course Planning
Grade 9 High School Transition, Career Interest, Course Planning
Grade 10 Career and Community, Résumé Building, Course Planning
Grade 11 Post High School Exploration, Résumé Building, Course Planning
Grade 12 Post High School Planning & Application Process, Senior Exit Survey
For more details, please view the full SDUHSD College and Career Scope and Sequence.
To assist families, SDUHSD shares free resources that all middle and high school students and parents may use to research careers and colleges, including exploring diverse occupations, selecting a major, and applying and paying for college in addition to school-based programs.


The CA School Dashboard College/Career measure shows how well local educational agencies and schools are preparing students for likely success after graduation. Only high school graduates can be classified as Prepared or Approaching Prepared.


For schools and LEAs to demonstrate success on this state measure, high school graduates must meet at least one of the criteria in the Prepared level. There are multiple measures to indicate Preparedness.


Click here to view Measures of College Readiness and Career Measures of Career Readiness.


CCI CollegeCCI Career


For more information, see the SDUHSD pages on Assessment, Course of Study, including Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Early College Credit Courses, the State Seal of Biliteracy, Career Technical Education, and CSU/UC Requirements.