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Middle School College & Career iNTRODUCTION AND Exploration

Middle School College & Career iNTRODUCTION AND Exploration

SDUHSD students are encouraged to begin their postsecondary planning journey during grades 7 and 8.  Priority is placed on school connectedness, academic confidence, and exploring individual strengths and interests. SDUHSD teachers and counselors assist students with these focus areas through grade level and classroom activities and individual counseling meetings.
Career Planning  College Preparation
Thrively Program Students and parents may access the Strengths and Interest Profiler, research career pathways and profiles that match with individual results. Campus Awareness  Become familiar with college campuses by visiting a variety of local colleges or in other towns if traveling.
Create a 6 year academic plan to map out class choices in grades 7-12. Consider taking Career Technical Education courses to learn skills and gain certifications that are highly valued in the workforce. Communication  Talk with family and friends about ideas and thoughts about what to do after graduating from high school.
Research Careers Talk with family and friends about their careers and what training is required. Research Colleges - Ask family and friends about their college experiences.
Explore "Essential Skills" and prioritize using them, both in and out of school. College Search - Utilize programs like to explore and investigate college admissions and fun facts about campuses of interest.
Attend the High School Preparation Presentation and Planning Meetings with the school counselor to prepare for a great transition to high school. Course Preparation Plan ahead for the courses that to take in high school. Pay close attention to SDUHSD high school graduation requirements and UC/CSU A-G admission requirements. If you have any questions, ask a counselor.