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Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Awareness & Prevention

San Dieguito Union High School District recognizes the serious health risks presented by the use of alcohol and drugs. SDUHSD is a drug and alcohol-free district. Information and resources are provided to students, parents, and staff regarding health and prevention, as well as substance use and abuse issues. Staff works closely with both intervention specialists and law enforcement to support students.
Information Parents & Students Should Know

Information Parents & Students Should Know


Board Policies related to Alcohol, Tobacco and other drugs.
SDUHSD ATOD Intervention and Prevention services are designed to be site based, multi-tiered, and individualized. The goal is educational with increased awareness, no use of drugs or alcohol for underage students along with the reduction of harmful consequences. The intended outcomes are that students who participate in this program will: 

  • Develop a new/enhanced awareness of substance use issues including identification of negative impact on health, lifestyle, and relationships
  • Learn further decision-making and refusal skills essential to maintain a life free from drugs and alcohol.
  • Understand the potential patterns of relapse and strategies for preventing relapse.

Students found using or in possession of alcohol or any controlled substances on a school site are referred to the Site Administrator. The Site Administrator's office will implement the disciplinary consequences and meet with parents/caregivers about the violation and consequences and complete mandatory referral and consent forms.  

A student MAY be suspended and/or expelled for possessing, using, selling*, furnishing or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and the school administration may report such conduct to the police for such offenses. (Cal. Ed. Code 48900(c),{d) and 48902(b). Unlawful possession of drugs (other than a first offense for no more than an ounce of marijuana) requires an expulsion referral unless the principal determines that expulsion is inappropriate given the particular circumstances. {Cal. Ed. Code 48915(a)(3). Ultimately, the principal can decide whether alternatives to an expulsion referral are appropriate. *The sale of a controlled substance at school or at a school-sponsored activity off school grounds requires a mandatory suspension and expulsion referral. (Ed. Code 48915(c}C3).
In addition to these disciplinary consequences, SDUHSD would like to assist students by providing them with multi-tiered restorative support services, including online modules and Brief Intervention Sessions that can address potential substance abuse issues. 
For more information about the ATOD program, please contact your school counselor or assistant principal.