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District Standard Technology Equipment

District Standard Technology List

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SDUHSD Technology Hardware/Software Purchasing Guidelines


Any District employee wishing to purchase technology hardware or software regardless of funding source (District budget, Foundation/PTSA funds, etc.) should follow the steps and guidelines outlined below.


1) Review existing resources:

        In the case of software, review the currently available software from the link at the top this page.

The menu of software applications listed on this site includes the most common applications

used by staff members in our district, but does not include all software owned by the District. It also includes some free web-based applications that may be of use. If you are unsure whether any of the District’s current software will meet your needs or have software needs not met by software we already own, please contact Joel Van Hooser.

        In the case of hardware, review the District’s list of standard technology equipment from the links at the top of this page.

The menu of hardware items listed on this site will meet the needs of most situations and these are the basic options available in our District. If you have a specialized hardware need not met by the District’s standard hardware options, please contact Joel Van Hooser.


2) Submit a purchase requisition for the appropriate item including the funding source. If funding for the item/s is coming from a source other than a District account (i.e., Foundation/PTSA), the funds for the purchase must be donated to the District prior to the purchase of the item/s. Once the funds have been donated and the purchase approved, the item/s will be purchased by the District. PTSA/Foundations may not purchase hardware/software items directly and donate the items to the District.


3) All purchase requisitions for technology hardware/software will be reviewed and approved at the site level by the Principal and at the District level by both Joel Van Hooser and Mike Grove. After approval, the requisition will be submitted for purchase.