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Each school has a unique emergency plan as part of their Comprehensive Safe & Drug Free School Plan.  Administrators, teachers, and staff are pre-designated with specific duties to perform in an emergency/crisis.  For security purposes these plans are not posted online.  Parents may make an appointment with the school office to view their Comprehensive Safe & Drug Free School Plan.

Fire, earthquake, and lock-down drills are held several times a year to familiarize students and staff with what to do in an emergency.  Local police and fire departments sometimes assist the schools with their drills so they may also train on dealing with campus emergencies.  All drills are taken very seriously - it is important that students fully participate and follow all instructions given to them by adult staff or public safety personnel.
SDUHSD - Emergency Response Protocols

For Schools - Schools will engage Comprehensive Safe School Plan Emergency Procedures.  These procedures may include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Students & Staff - Evacuation, Lockdown, Duck & Cover
  • School Emergency Operations Center (EOC) - Notify Parents, Community, District Office via ConnectEd message or other social media
For Parents - Your student's safety is our first priority:  
  • Please follow the School EOC's ConnectEd message  
  • Please avoid excessive phone calls, as they may interfere with essential emergency communication and may easily overtax the equipment capacity resulting in a nonfunctional system  
  • Do not attempt to pick up child unless all clear is given from School EOC. This will enable emergency vehicles to have immediate and clear assess to the school
  • For response effort to be successful, it is vital that parents remain patient and cooperate with the school and emergency personnel during an emergency situation
  • For current and up-to-date information, refer to the Districts home web page at
For Staff - Engage Comprehensive Safe School Plan Emergency Procedures or follow as directed by School EOC/Local Law/Emergency Personnel. School EOC will notify Staff important messages via telecom, ConnectEd, or other means.