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Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE) - the district offers an ISPE program for eligible students who
1. are exceptionally gifted, state- or regionally-ranked athletes,
2. wish to take an advanced physical education course of study that the district is not currently offering,
3. have an impacted schedule due to academic support programs or a specialized elective the student is required to take each year during the regular school day, which precludes them from taking a regularly scheduled P.E. class,
4. have medical conditions which prevent them from taking district PE class,
5. are Grade 8 or Grade 10 applicants who have taken the CA Physical Fitness Test in grade 7 or 9 and still need to earn PE credit,
6. have fulfilled their P.E. requirement and are requesting to take ISPE for additional elective credits
Online Health Course Option - All students are required, per California Ed. Code 51890, to complete the State of California-mandated Health curriculum in order to graduate and earn a diploma. The standard way to meet this requirement is for 9th grade students to complete Year One P.E., which incorporates the Health curriculum in the course. In certain cases, a student may be eligible to take an online health course. Please review the criteria for eligibility carefully.