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Program Overview

The San Dieguito Union High School District English Learner Program is an organized, content-based, culturally sensitive program of instruction in which participating students designated as English Learners (primary language other than English) receive English-as-a-Second Language courses and specially designed academic instruction in courses required for graduation.

All instruction is in English. Students are provided with a literature and writing-based English-as-a-Second Language program. In addition, content area classes such as Math, Science, and Social Studies are taught in English using specialized techniques to provide equal access to the core curriculum. Whenever necessary, the primary language is used to support academic skills and bridge the way to second language learning.


The mission of the SDUHSD English Learner Program is to provide EL students with rigorous curriculum and appropriate support services, which will develop academic English language skills. Our teachers will utilize effective strategies, validate the native language and culture of all students, and work to create leadership roles for English Language Learners. The English Learner Program will involve the entire SDUHSD learning community in its vision.


The San Dieguito English Learner Program’s purpose is to prepare and educate second language students--for their benefit and that of society—to advance social justice in our democracy.


SDUHSD English Learner Program will produce students who are critical thinkers, able to articulate and synthesize their thoughts, opinions, and ideas while drawing upon bicultural experiences and perspectives in order to be successful beyond secondary education.

English Learner Program Staff

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Canyon Crest Academy Bernard Steinberger Assistant Principal
Carmel Valley Middle School Shannon Merideth EL Lead
Diegueño Middle School Michelle Challis-Hall EL Lead / Title I Coordinator
Earl Warren Middle School Kaitlin Wood Assistant Principal
La Costa Canyon High Lizzie McNally EL Lead
Oak Crest Middle School Mirandah Oliphant
EL Lead 
Pacific Trails Middle School Mary Anne Nuskin Principal
San Dieguito Academy Jamie Duck EL Lead
Torrey Pines High School Joanne Serrano EL Lead
District Office Veronica Cortez EL Bilingual Secretary
District Office Manuel Zapata EL Director
District Office Staci Ortiz-Davis ToSA

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