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Distance Learning Model

distance learning model 

distance learning model 

In a Distance Learning model, students and teachers will engage in online learning that is significantly different from the emergency remote learning that took place in Spring 2020. Instruction will include daily live interaction with teachers, required attendance, and letter grades. The 2020-2021 Distance Learning model will include a return to full curricular content delivered in an online setting.
How Will Fall 2020 Distance Learning Differ from Spring 2020?

This model maximizes safety by allowing all students and teachers to engage in remote, distance learning.  Based on state defined criteria, school districts located in counties that appear on the California Department of Public Health Monitoring List must close their campuses and engage in distance learning. State Updates and Guidance.  Additional requirements for distance learning are outlined in AB 77 Ed Code 43503.
What does this model look like for students?
Students will access instruction and materials online, following an established bell schedule.  In this model, students engage in classes exclusively online through a combination of live instruction (synchronous) and independent work (asynchronous). Daily live instruction includes activities such as: check-ins, office hours, whole class discussion, small group discussion, progress monitoring, etc.  Daily asynchronous learning includes independent learning activities (similar to those assigned in a classroom) such as: completing assignments, working on projects, reading, synthesizing information, responding to prompts,  watching tutorial videos, etc. 
Student Expectations 
Students participate in learning activities (both synchronous and asynchronous) on an established bell schedule, and attendance will be recorded. As with in-person classes, students are expected to complete and submit their work in accordance with deadlines and policies established by teachers in their course syllabuses.  The same behavior expectations for in-person classes apply to online classrooms. Students are expected to follow norms of classroom behavior and the conduct expectations set forth in Board Policy.
How will students interact with teachers?
Students in distance learning will interact with their teachers through digital platforms (Google Classroom, Meets, small group interactions via Meets or other platforms, email, etc).


Bell schedules have been reviewed by the Board of Trustees and will be voted on at the Special Board Meeting on August 18.