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SDUHSD Math teachers and instructional leaders have developed math curriculum and course pathways for all students grade 7-12.
SDUHSD has a website for students and parents to support the district's math instructional materials. There are digital versions of student editions and homework packets as well as videos and extra practice worksheets aligned to the curriculum to provide students with additional support.
The district math course pathways document shows course sequence, as well as the recommendations for math course placement.
Students who are entering the district may take math assessments to assist with math placement.
Grade 6 Entering Grade 7 Assessments
Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project (MDTP)
The online MDTP is a Grade 7 Mathematics Readiness Test. This online math readiness assessment will be administered at your child's elementary school. Please check with your current 6th grade teacher for specific dates. The results of the MDTP help us to recommend appropriate math placement for incoming 7th grade students.   
Integrated Math B Honors Readiness Test (IMBHRT)
The SDUHSD Integrated Math B Honors Readiness Test (IMBHRT) is an optional test for 6th grade students. It is designed to measure a student's readiness to take 8th grade level Integrated Math B Honors as a 7th grader.  This assessment is challenging and designed for students already on an accelerated math pathway. Any student who wishes to enroll in Integrated Math B Honors in 7th grade must take the mandatory SDUHSD IMBHRT and score a 70% or higher. If your child is planning to take the IMBHRT, you will need to complete an online registration and select ONE testing session from the choices offered. Testing locations will be at the middle schools.  
Grade 9-12 New to District
Please contact the high school for assessment information.
For school site math course offerings and course profiles, please visit each school site's website.