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Jason Berend just had an incredible Work-Based Learning Experience with his students from Welding, Metals and Architectural Engineering! 

Here's what Mr. Berend shared about his recent visit to Dexcom:

"Wow, what an incredible field trip!  We walked through every part of manufacturing, design labs and so much more. Students definitely have a very good idea of what medical manufacturing looks like. Pictures were forbidden except the boardroom because of the high security of their products.  Dexcom is the only company in the world that makes continuous glucose monitoring systems.  They make 40K a day and have grown by 30% the last several years.  Students ate a catered lunch and listened to seven company leaders talk about how they ended up at Dexcom and what they like about it.  They all mentioned how good it felt to work for a company that helps many people.  They mentioned that they take interns after 1 year of college."

Below are pictures from one of the rotations where students had to put on 'clean room gear.'


In the Culinary Arts Program - Congratulations San Dieguito Academy, taking 1st place in the Master Chef Competition! 


SDA's Culinary students took first place a few weeks ago in annual Master Chef Culinary Competition at the Culinary Institute in Mission Valley.  Eight high schools competed in the blazing one hour competition where teams of four were required to create a dish featuring a protein, vegetable, starch, sauce, and an edible garnish.  SDA won first place after defending their winning dish to the judges, including celebrity judge, Lauren Lawless, from Master Chef Season 8.



In our Film Video Production Pathway. . .Congratulations CCA! 

CCA had the most official selections of any high school in both the 2018 San Diego County Innovative Video in Education (iVIE) Awards and the North County High Schools Film Festival this past weekend. CCA had 18 official selections screened between the two festivals, and brought home some big awards and prizes. We also had our own CCA Film Festival on Friday. 


Please congratulate the following students on their awesome video and film work, including the winners of the 2018 CCA Film Festival. All of these films will be on our channel before the end of the school year.

2018 North County High Schools Film Festival and San Diego County iVIE Awards — CCA Winners

Best Feature/Documentary (Top Prize)

($1,000 B&H photo and video gift card)

Man Up produced by Riley Scott, Melanie An, Austin Ramey, Vivi Husted 

Best Short Film & Best Comedic Moment

($500 B&H photo and video gift card)

Open House produced by Max Mereminsky, Riley Scott, Tyler Jones, Danny Goodman, Colin Bae

Most Innovative Action Shot

Coming Home produced by Quincy Tanner-Smith, Leianna Yuen, Colin Bae, Kevin Garcia, Timothy Zhang

Best How to Video 

How to Make an Origami Heart produced by Katie Moore, Campbell Moore, Ava Settoon, Vivi Husted

2018 CCA Film Festival Winners

Overall Winner

What Happens When You Find a Corpse in Your Living Room produced by Melanie An, Riley Scott, Campbell Moore, Declan Kramer, and Jack Anthenelli

Comedy Winner & Audience Choice Winner

Open House produced by Max Mereminsky, Riley Scott, Tyler Jones, Danny Goodman, Colin Bae

Documentary Winner

XONR8 produced by Campbell Moore, Ava Settoon, Quincy Smith, Max Grossbard, Reed Martin

Drama Winner

Fantasma produced by Roberto Pino


Torrey Pines High School sponsors Christmas Cruise Carshow and Toy Drive!  

 TPHS Auto Tech program and student run Street Masters Car Club organized it's 3rd annual Car Show.  

Canyon Crest Academy's Principles of Engineering participated in a class-wide project integration task where students investigated a unit on "Simple Machines." 

Each team was asked to create a SMET (Simple Machine Energy Transfer) unit which had to incorporate several simple machines (levers, pulleys, gears, ramps, etc), and transfer a marble from the input to the output then pass the marble to another team in the class. 

This group of students were able to get the marble to traverse all the machines with no human interaction several times- a feat never done before in this program!


Torrey Pines High School CAD ProgramTop of Page

CAD Course 3-D Printer Creations!

Students in Torrey Pines High School's CAD course showcase their projects. Designs include a surfboard fin box (which the student then installed into a board he shaped), a phone case a student designed and printed for the iPhone 6, and a house a student designed for the Architecture unit.  


TPHS Launches new advanced Advanced Business Management Course!Top of Page

At the close of the 2016-17 year, TPHS Introduction to Business students worked to earn over 40 copies of Jim Collins' Good to Great to be used in the coming years by the Advanced Business Management class.  Now, in September 2017, our first group of Advanced Business Management students begin their journey of studying successful corporations thanks to those donations.