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San Dieguito Union High School District

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CTE Mission & Vision

Mission: To prepare our resourceful, creative, and technically sound students to be competitive in the global market.

Vision: Career & Technical Education is district-wide program that facilitates students in making a successful transition from secondary education to college and career. The vision is to incorporate 21st century skills that prepare students to succeed in post-secondary education, the workplace, and community life, keeping America internationally competitive.

We will:
1. Provide early exploration of and exposure to varied career opportunities.
  • Middle School - Recommend a process for students to explore Career Choices and develop a career portfolio that would follow them through school.
  • High School - Identify career pathways and interests in the community (students, parents and business).
2. Systematically connect core academics to authentic applications in industry, the professions and occupational fields.
  • Middle School - Provide opportunities for students to explore Career Options through direct work applications presented by the community to enrich instruction.
  • High School - Develop career exploratory introductory courses in career clusters, as well as focused career pathways.
  • High School - Examine ways to build flexibility and partners with other schools and businesses to meet student needs.
  • High School - Examine ways career applied classes can be aligned with core classes to develop innovative career pathways.
3. Work with business and community partners to engage and motivate students to deepen their understanding of academic knowledge and skills.
  • Middle School and High School - Expose students and their parents to various career opportunities through campus based activities with business, community, and industry involvement.
  • Middle School and High School -Integrate job seeking and job keeping skills into all classes.
  • High School - Determine strategies to expand internships for students and community classroom programs.
  • High School - Facilitate campus based business/community involvement through advisory boards.

4. Develop a life-long vision of students' futures beyond their educational experiences.

  • Middle School and High School - Investigate "hands-on" exploratory programs through a variety of elective offerings.
  • High School - Surveys to be conducted prior to high school graduation with follow-up questionnaires after two and four year intervals.