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Academic Honesty Policy

Honest behavior is an expectation for all students in the San Dieguito Union High School District. The purpose of this regulation is to create and maintain an ethical academic atmosphere.

Definitions of Academic Dishonesty Behaviors

Specific types of academic dishonesty which will not be tolerated are defined below:

Cheating on Tests

Any intentions giving of or use of external assistance relating to an examination, test, or quiz without express permission of the teacher. This includes looking on another student's paper, sharing answers, or copying another student's paper.

Any intentional falsification or invention of data citation, or other authority in an academic exercise.

Unauthorized Collaboration
While collaboration is often encouraged, unauthorized collaboration is not permitted.

Any intentional representation of another's ideas, words, or work as one's own. Plagiarism includes the misuse of published material, electronic material, and/or the work of other students. The original writer who intentionally shares his/her paper for another to copy, without the permission of the teacher, is also engaged in plagiarism.

Alteration of Materials
Any intentional and unauthorized alteration of student, teacher, or library materials.

Any unauthorized signing of another person's name to school related documents.

Any theft of materials.

Transfer of Unauthorized Materials
Any giving or selling of unauthorized materials.

Consequences for Academic Dishonesty
Any alleged violation of this policy will be investigated thoroughly and appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken consistent with Board policy.

Depending on the severity of the offense one or more of the following consequences may occur:

  • Referral to the assistant principal and the parent/guardian will be contacted.
  • Loss of all credit for the assignment or test with no make-up permitted.
  • Placement on probation with a contract (in the class of the infraction) for the remainder of the class.
  • Violation on a school administered national or state examination will result in a district code of conduct violation.
  • Dropped from the class with no credit.
  • Referral to the Student Assistance Services (SAS) Team.
  • Suspension from school.
  • Removal from all elected or appointed leadership positions for the remainder of the school year.