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The Governing Board is in the process of revising and aligning board policies with the California School Boards Association (CSBA).  Some board policies may have duplicate numbers.  During this process, both policies will remain in effect. 
Policy Name (Revised)  Policy No. (Revised)  Policy Name Policy No.
    Concept and Roles in Student Personnel  5000
     Non-Custodial Parents  5021
Student and Family Privacy Rights  5022    
Student Wellness  5030    
Admission Requirements  5111    
District Residency  5111.1    
District Residency  5111.1/AR-1    
Exemptions From Attendance  5112.1    
Exemptions From Attendance  5112.1/AR-1    
Exclusions From Attendance  5112.2    
Exclusions From Attendance  5112.2/AR-1    
     Student Leave of Absence  5112.3
     Student Leave of Absence  5112.3/AR-1
     Absences and Excuses  5113
Attendance Policies & Procedures  5113/AR-1    
Chronic Absence and Truancy  5113.1  
Chronic Absence and Truancy  5113.1/AR-1    
     Work Permits  5113.2
     Work Permits  5113.2/AR-1
Sunset High School (Continuation Program)  5115  
Sunset High School (Continuation Program)  5115/AR-1  

   Attendance Records  5116
     Attendance Records  5116/AR-1
Intradistrict / Open Enrollment  5116.1    
     Intradistrict Open Enrollment  5116.1/AR-1
High School Selection  5116.1/AR-2    
Involuntary Student Transfers  5116.2  Attendance Boundaries  5116.2
Interdistrict Attendance Permits  5117    
Interdistrict Attendance Permits  5117/AR-1    
     Students Expelled from Other Districts  5119
     Students Expelled from Other Districts  5119/AR-1
     Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement   5121
     Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement  5121/AR-1
     Optional Grading  5121.1
Promotion/Acceleration/Retention  5123    
     Communication with Parents/Guardians  5124
Student Records  5125    
Student Records  5125/AR-1    
Release of Directory Information  5125.1    
Release of Directory Information   5125.1/AR-1  
Release of Directory Information  5125.1 Exhibit    
     Withholding Grades, Diploma or Transcripts  5125.2
     Challenging Student Records  5125.3
     Awards for Achievement  5126
 Graduation Ceremonies and Activities  5127    
 Graduation Ceremonies and Activities  5127/AR-1    
     Conduct  5131
     Extra-Curricular Activities/Eligibility Requirements  5131.1
     Extra-Curricular Activities/Code of Conduct  5131.1/AR-1
Bullying  5131.2  School Bus Conduct/Student Safety  5131.2
     School Bus Conduct/Student Safety  5131.2/AR-1
     School Bus Conduct/Student Safety   5131.2/AR-1 Att A
     School Bus Conduct/Student Safety - Spanish  5131.2/AR-1 Att A-SP
     Campus Disturbances  5131.4
     Campus Disturbances  5131.4/AR-1
     Vandalism, Theft and Graffiti  5131.5
     Alcohol and Other Drugs  5131.6/AR-1
Tobacco  5131.62    
Tobacco  5131.62/AR-1    
     Anabolic Steroids  5131.63
     Anabolic Steroids
     Weapons and Dangerous Instruments  5131.7/AR-1
     Academic Honesty  5131.9
     Academic Honesty  5131.9/AR-1
     Dress and Grooming  5132
     Dress and Grooming  5132/AR-1
     Gifts to School Personnel  5133
     Organizations, Cabinets, Councils, Committees  5134
     Management of Funds  5135
     Gangs  5136
     Gangs  5136/AR-1
     Positive School Climate  5137
Health Care and Emergencies  5141  
     Health Care and Emergencies  5141/AR-1
Administering Medication and Monitoring Health Conditions  5141.21    
     Administering Medication and Monitoring Health Conditions  5141.21/AR-1
Communicable, Contagious, or Infectious Disease Control  5141.22  
     Communicable, Contagious, or Infectious Disease Control  5141.22/AR-1
Asthma Management  5141.23    
     Specialized Health Care Services  5141.24/AR-1
Tuberculosis Testing  5141.26/AR-1  
Health Examinations  5141.3    
     Health Examinations  5141.3/AR-1
Immunizations  5141.31    
     Immunizations  5141.31/AR-1
Head Lice  5141.33
Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting  5141.4    
     Child Abuse Reporting Requirements  5141.4/AR-1
     Child Abuse Prevention  5141.5
Suicide Prevention  5141.52    
     Safety, Personal & Possessions  5142
     Safety, Personal & Possessions  5142/AR-1
     Insurance  5142.1
     Discipline  5144
Discipline  5144/AR-1    
Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process  5144.1    
     Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process  5144.1/AR-1
     Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process (Disabilities)  5144.1/AR-2
     Student Rights  5145
     Student and Family Privacy Rights  5145.1
     Student and Family Privacy Rights  5145.1/AR-1
     Questioning and Apprehension  5145.11
     Questioning and Apprehension  5145.11/AR-1
     Search and Seizure  5145.12
     Search and Seizure  5145.12/AR-1
Response to Immigration Enforcement 5145.13    
Responding to Requests for Information 5145.13/AR-1    
     Publications: Student Newspaper and Yearbook  5145.2
     Publications: Student Newspaper and  
Nondiscrimination/Harassment  5145.3  Nondiscrimination in Employment  5145.3
Nondiscrimination/Harassment    5145.3/AR-1  Nondiscrimination in District Programs and Activities  5145.3/AR-1
     Request for Communication Accommodations  5145.3/AR-2
Parental Notifications  5145.6  Parental Notifications  5145.6
     Sexual Harassment  5145.7
Sexual Harassment  5145.7/AR-1    
Married/Pregnant/Parenting Students  5146    
Dropout Prevention  5147    
     At-Risk Students  5149
     At-Risk Students  5149/AR-1
Series  Subject
0000  Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans
1000    Community Relations
2000     Administration
3000    Business
4000  Personnel
4100  Certificated Personnel
4200  Classified Personnel
4300  Management Personnel
4400   Confidential Personnel
4500    Supervisory Personnel
5000  Students
6000  Instruction
7000    Construction
9000    Board Bylaws