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The Governing Board is in the process of revising and aligning board policies with the California School Boards Association (CSBA).  Some board policies may have duplicate numbers.  During this process, both policies will remain in effect.
Policy Name Policy No.
 Appointment  4412
 Reassignment or Transfer of Confidential Personnel  4415
 Duties and Responsibilities  4416
 Confidential Employees' Evaluation Policy  4417
 Grievances/Complaints  4418
 Grievances/Complaints  4418/AR-1
 Sexual Harassment  4419.1
 Designation of Confidential Employees  4420.2
 Employee Compensation  4441.2
 Confidential Employees' Salary Schedule  4441.2 Attach A
 Benefits for Retirees  4443
 Holiday Calendar  4444
 Fringe Benefits  4445
 Attendance of Non-Resident Students  4445.1
 Safety Conditions for Employment  4448
 Personal Illness or Injury Leave  4451.1
 Bereavement Leave  4451.3
 Judicial-Government Leave  4451.4
 Personal Necessity Leave  4451.5
 Industrial Accident Leave  4451.6
 Personal Leave  4452.2
 Maternity Leave  4452.3
 Health Leave  4452.5
 Vacation/Confidential  4453.1
Series  Subject
0000  Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans
1000    Community Relations
2000     Administration
3000    Business
4000  Personnel
4100  Certificated Personnel
4200  Classified Personnel
4300  Management Personnel
4400   Confidential Personnel
4500    Supervisory Personnel
5000  Students
6000  Instruction
7000    Construction
9000    Board Bylaws