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The Governing Board is in the process of revising and aligning board policies with the California School Boards Association (CSBA).  Some board policies may have duplicate numbers.  During this process, both policies will remain in effect. 
Policy Name (Revised)  Policy No. (Revised)  Policy Name Policy No.
     Nondiscrimination in Employment  4300.2
 Recruitment and Selection  4311    
 Legal Status Requirement  4311.2    
 Legal Status Requirement  4311.2/AR-1    

     Recruitment and Selection  4312
     Recruitment and Selection  4312/AR-1
  •  Oath or Affirmation
  •  4312.3
  •  Oath or Affirmation  4312.3/AR-1    
     Oath or Affirmation Form  4312.3/AR-1 Ex A    
     Health Examinations  4312.4/AR-1    
         Personnel Files  4312.6
         Personnel Files  4312.6/AR-1
     Employment References  4312.61    
         Employment References  4312.61/AR-1
     Employment of Relatives  4312.8    
         Employee Notifications  4312.9
         Reassignment or Transfer of Management Personnel  4315
         Duties and Responsibilities  4316
         Management Employees' Evaluation Policy  4317
    Resignation  4317.2    
         Grievances/Complaints  4318
         Grievances/Complaints  4318/AR-1
    Civil and Legal Rights  4319.1    
    Sexual Harassment  4319.11    
    Professional Standards  4319.21    
    Unauthorized Release of Confidential-Privileged Information  4319.23    
    Political Activities of Employees  4319.25    
    Political Activities of Employees  4319.25/AR-1    
         Employees with Infectious Disease  4319.41
    Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens  4319.42    
    Universal Precautions  4319.43    
         Employee Drug Testing  4320
         Employee Drug Testing  4320/AR-1
    Designation of Management Positions  4320.1    
         Resignation  4321
    Temporary Athletic Team Coaches  4327    
    Temporary Athletic Team Coaches  4327/AR-1    
    Soliciting and Selling  4335    
         Lactation Accommodation  4338
         Bargaining Units  4340
         Employee Protection  4358
         Employee Compensation  4341.1
         Management Salary Schedule  4341.1 Attach A
         Benefits for Retirees  4343
         Holiday Calendar  4344
         Fringe Benefits  4345
         Attendance of Non-Resident Students  4345.1
         Non-Work Days/Certificated Managers  4346
         Safety Conditions of Employment  4348
         Expense Reimbursement   4349
         Personal Illness or Injury Leave  4351.1
         Bereavement Leave  4351.3
         Judicial-Government Leave  4351.4
         Personal Necessity Leave  4351.5
         Industrial Accident Leave  4351.6
         Military Leave  4351.7
         Personal Leave  4352.2
         Maternity Leave  4352.3
         Health Leave  4352.5
    Health and Welfare Benefits  4354    
    Employee Safety  4357    
    Employee Safety  4357/AR-1    
    Ergonomics  4357.2/AR-1    
    Work-Related Injuries  4357.1    
    Employee Security  4358    
    Employee Security  4358/AR-1    
    Series  Subject
    0000  Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans
    1000    Community Relations
    2000     Administration
    3000    Business
    4000  Personnel
    4100  Certificated Personnel
    4200  Classified Personnel
    4300  Management Personnel
    4400   Confidential Personnel
    4500    Supervisory Personnel
    5000  Students
    6000  Instruction
    7000    Construction
    9000    Board Bylaws