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Master Contract/Classified School Employees Assoc./Chapter #241
"Office-Technical/Business Services Unit" and "Operations/Support Services Unit"
To view our current classified job descriptions go the Classified Job Descriptions page located under Personnel Commission or click here.
The Governing Board is in the process of revising and aligning board policies with the California School Boards Association (CSBA).  Some board policies may have duplicate numbers.  During this process, both policies will remain in effect. 
Policy Name (Revised)  Policy No. (Revised) Policy Name Policy No.
     Equal Employment Opportunity  4200.1
     Equal Employment Opportunity Program  4200.1/AR-1
     Non-discrimination in Employment  4200.2
     Non-discrimination in District Programs and Activities  4200.2/AR-1
     Request for Communication Accommodations  4200.2/AR-2
     Personnel Files  4200.3
     Personnel Files  4200.3/AR-1
Recruitment  4211  Recruitment and Selection  4211
Legal Status Requirement  4211.2    
Legal Status Requirement
Appointment and Conditions of Employment  4212/AR-1    

   Oath or Affirmation  4212.3
Oath or Affirmation  4212.3/AR-1    
Oath or Affirmation Form  4212.3/AR-1 Ex A    
Health Examinations  4212.4/AR-1  Child Abuse Reporting Statement  4212.4
     Child Abuse Reporting Requirements  4212.4/AR-1
     Drug-free Workplace  4212.5
     Employment Drug Testing  4212.7/AR-1
     Employee Notifications  4212.9
Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus Drivers  4212.42    
Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus Drivers
Employment References  4212.61    
     Employment References  4212.61/AR-1
Employment of Relatives  4212.8    
     Tobacco  4213
     Tobacco  4213/AR-1
     Health Examination  4214
     Bloodborne Pathogens  4214.1
     Complaints Concerning the Schools  4216.1
     Training Program  4217
     Outline of Training Program  4217/AR-1
Resignation  4217.2    
     Coaching Expectations and Responsibilities  4218
Civil and Legal Rights  4219.1    
Sexual Harassment  4219.11    
Professional Standards  4219.21    
Unauthorized Release of Confidential-Privileged Information  4219.23    
Political Activities of Employees  4219.25    
Political Activities of Employees  4219.25/AR-1    
     Employees with Infectious Disease  4219.41
Exposure Control Plan for Bloodbourne Pathogens  4219.42    
Universal Precautions  4219.43    
     Meetings and Conferences  4224
Temporary Athletic Team Coaches  4227    
Temporary Athletic Team Coaches  4227/AR-1    
     Salary Range Definitions  4231
     Salary Range Definitions  4231 Appendix A
     Salary Guides  4231/AR-1
     Classified Salary Schedule  4231 Attach A
     Hourly Wage Scale for Community Service Employees  4231.1
     Classified Substitutes  4232
     Fringe Benefits/Limited Term Employees  4233
Soliciting and Selling  4235  Complaint Procedure  4235
     Meeting Expense  4236.1
     Lactation Accommodation  4238
     Bargaining Units  4240
     Employee Compensation  4241.2
     Confidential Employees' Salary Schedule  4241.2 Attach A
     Overtime  4243
     Holiday Calendar  4244
     Tax Sheltered Accounts  4246.1
     Safety Conditions of Employment  4248
Employee Compensation  4251    
 Personal Necessity Leave  4251.1
     Military Leave  4251.2
Health and Welfare Benefits  4254  Employee Recognition Program  4254
     Resignation  4255
Employee Safety  4257    
Employee Safety  4257/AR-1    
Ergonomics  4257.2/AR-1    
Work-Related Injuries  4257.1    
Employee Security  4258  Employee Protection   4258
Employee Security  4258/AR-1    
Series  Subject
0000  Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans
1000    Community Relations
2000     Administration
3000    Business
4000  Personnel
4100  Certificated Personnel
4200  Classified Personnel
4300  Management Personnel
4400   Confidential Personnel
4500    Supervisory Personnel
5000  Students
6000  Instruction
7000    Construction
9000    Board Bylaws