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The Governing Board is in the process of revising and aligning board policies with the California School Boards Association (CSBA).  Some board policies may have duplicate numbers.  During this process, both policies will remain in effect.
Policy Name Policy No.
 Communication with the Public  1100
 Media Originating with District  1111
 Media Originating with District  1111/AR-1
 Media Relations  1112
 School Directory  1112.1
 Advertising: School-Sponsored Media  1112.2
 School News Releases  1112.3
 School News Releases  1112.3/AR-1
 District and School Websites  1112.4
 Web guidelines and publishing standards  1112.4 AR-1
 Notification of Rights of Parent or Guardian  1113
 Meetings and Notices  1120
 Public Notice Procedure Related to Meeting and Negotiating  1125
 Hourly Wage Scale for Community Service Employees  1130.1
 Role of the Board (Powers and Responsibilities)  1140
 Commendations and Awards  1150
 Commendations and Awards  1150/AR-1
 Political Processes  1160
 Citizen Advisory Committees  1220
 Citizen Advisory Committees  1220/AR-1
 Parent Advisory Committee/District Curriculum  1222.1
 School-Based Coordinated Programs/School Site Councils  1223
 School-Based Coordinated Programs/School Site Councils  1223/AR-1
 School-Connected Organizations  1230
 School-Connected Organizations  1230/AR-1
 Educational Foundations  1231
 Volunteer Assistance  1240
 Volunteer Assistance  1240/AR-1
 Volunteer Trained Group Facilitators  1240/AR-2
 Visits to the Schools  1250
 Visits to the Schools  1250/AR-1
 Trespass Regulation  1252
 Prohibited Activities on School Property  1253
 Parent/Guardian Participation in Federal Programs - Title 1  1260
 Parent/Guardian Participation in Federal Programs - Title 1  1260/AR-1
 Public Activities Involving Staff, Students or School Facilities  1300
 Relations Between Public and School Personnel  1310
 Complaints Concerning the Schools  1312
 Complaints Concerning District Employees  1312.1
 Complaints Concerning District Employees  1312.1/AR-1
 Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials  1312.2
 Instructional Materials  1312.2/AR-1
 Uniform Complaint Procedures  1312.3
 Uniform Complaint Procedures  1312.3/AR-1
 Uniform Complaint Procedures  1312.3/AR-1 Attach A
 Uniform Complaint Procedures  1312.3/AR-1 Attach B
 Uniform Complaint Procedures  1312.3/AR-1 Attach C
 Gifts to School Personnel  1313
 Learning Environment/Disruptions  1314
 Learning Environment/Disruptions  1314/AR-1
 Solicitation of Funds From and By Students  1321
 Publications: Student Newspaper and Yearbook  1321.1
 Publications: Student Newspaper and Yearbook  1321.1/AR-1
 Advertising and Promotion  1325
 Advertising and Promotion  1325/AR-1
 Commercials  1325.1
 Student Production of Goods and Services  1326
 Public Use of District Facilities  1330
 Public Use of District Facilities  1330/AR-1
 Motor Vehicles on District Property  1335
 Motor Vehicles on District Property  1335/AR-1
 Access to District Records  1340
 Access to District Records  1340/AR-1
 Access to District Records  1340/AR-2
 Relations with Zoning and Planning Authorities  1400.1
 Questioning and Apprehension  1411
 Questioning and Apprehension  1411/AR-1
 Civil Defense Plans and Drills  1413
 Waivers  1431
 Home-Based Schooling  1621
 Relations Between Private Industry and the Schools  1700