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When not in use for school programs, or undergoing maintenance, school facilities and athletic playing fields may be reserved for community use on a first-come, first-served basis, in compliance with the District's policies, procedures and published rental fees (Community Relations 1330/AR-1).

In order to reserve the use of district-owned facilities or fields, please submit the Facilities Use Application Form. Application must be made in writing on the approved form. Payment of fees must be made, and insurance certification provided, prior to issuance of the use permit.

Once the application has been reviewed by the Facilities Coordinator, a use permit will be granted. The permit must be carried at all times by the user and presented upon demand. Failure to present a valid permit may result in immediate revocation of facility use privileges.

Please contact 760-753-0179 extension 5402 or for further assistance.  
As we navigate these uncharted waters related to COVID-19, the health, safety, and wellness of our Students, Staff, and Communities is our current priority.  In compliance with the San Diego County Superintendent of Schools and County Department of Health & Human Services Agency, use of all school facilities are suspended, during our school closures, through April 13, 2020.