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Educational Services provides leadership to curriculum development, assessing student achievement, monitoring the English Learner program and managing categorically supported academic and campus support programs. Additionally the Department is responsible for managing student information as it relates to attendance, grade reporting and transcripts. The following is a list of areas overseen by the Educational Services Department:
  • English Learner Program
  • Bilingual Parent Program
  • Academic Intervention
  • Student Achievement
  • Staff Development
  • Student Information

Educational Services Directory
Bryan Marcus Associate Superintendent (760) 753-6491 ext. 5569
Lesley Rhodes Executive Assistant (760) 753-6491 ext. 5550
Manuel Zapata Director of Accountability and Special Programs (760) 753-6491 ext. 5100
Veronica Burciaga Administrative Secretary - Bilingual (Spanish)  (760) 753-6491 ext. 5101
Maritza Santander Student Information Systems Analyst (760) 753-6491 ext. 5573
Lori Wilson Student Information Systems Support Technician (760) 753-6491 ext. 5530
Danielle Macrorie
Student Information Systems Support Technician (760) 753-6491 ext. 5560

Bryan Marcus
Associate Superintendent of Educational Services