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TPHS Car Show & CCA: Principles of Engineering "Simple Machine Energy Transfer"Top of Page

Torrey Pines High School sponsors Christmas Cruise Carshow and Toy Drive!  TPHS Auto Tech program and student run Street Masters Car Club organized it's 3rd annual Car Show.  

Canyon Crest Academy's Principles of Engineering participated in a class-wide project integration task where students investigated a unit on "Simple Machines." 

Each team was asked to create a SMET (Simple Machine Energy Transfer) unit which had to incorporate several simple machines (levers, pulleys, gears, ramps, etc), and transfer a marble from the input to the output then pass the marble to another team in the class. 

This group of students were able to get the marble to traverse all the machines with no human interaction several times- a feat never done before in this program!


Torrey Pines High School CAD ProgramTop of Page

CAD Course 3-D Printer Creations!

Students in Torrey Pines High School's CAD course showcase their projects. Designs include a surfboard fin box (which the student then installed into a board he shaped), a phone case a student designed and printed for the iPhone 6, and a house a student designed for the Architecture unit.  


TPHS Launches new advanced Advanced Business Management Course!Top of Page

At the close of the 2016-17 year, TPHS Introduction to Business students worked to earn over 40 copies of Jim Collins' Good to Great to be used in the coming years by the Advanced Business Management class.  Now, in September 2017, our first group of Advanced Business Management students begin their journey of studying successful corporations thanks to those donations.