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SDUHSD Summer School Programs 2017
2017 Summer School Registration Form - click HERE

Summer Math Bridge Courses: (Click HERE for detailed info on bridges)

  • Integrated Math A Essentials to Integrated Math B (IMAE to IMB)
  • Integrated Math B Essentials to Integrated Math 1 (IMBE to IM1)
  • Integrated Math B to Integrated Math 1 Honors (IMB to IM1H)
  • Integrated Math 1 to Integrated Math 2 Honors (IM1 to IM2H)
  • Integrated Math 2 to Integrated Math 3 Honors (IM2 to IM3H)
Summer Math Repeat/Remediation Courses: (Click HERE for detailed info on courses)
  • Integrated Math A (IMA)
  • Integrated Math B (IMB)
  • Integrated Math 1 (IM1)
  • Integrated Math 2 (IM2)
  • Integrated Math 3 (IM3)

Online Credit Recovery Courses:

  • Open only to current 11th & 12th graders who may/did not graduate (including Special Ed students)
  • English, Math, Social Studies/History, Science
  • May complete up to 20 credits
  • Self-paced, independent study
  • 20 days (June 23 - July 21) no school July 4. 

Online Summer Health Course:

  • June 23 - July 21
  • Course must be completed by July 21.
  • Open to ISPE students or students who have met all PE requirements except for Health.
  • Independent study
  • Daily attendance not required
  • Students must attend mandatory orientation prior to the start of the class. Date, time and location to be determined. 
 Summer Courses for English Learners
  • English Language Development (ELD) 1, 2, 3
    Registration form (English, Spanish)
    Course Description - Click Here
  • Sheltered U.S. History (High School)
    ○ Registration form
    ○ Course Description
 Having a Voice (HAV)

Summer Courses for Students with IEP’s:

  • Extended School Year (ESY) - Invitation only
  • Reading Intervention
  • 8th Grade Fundamental Physical Science
  • Fundamental English, 9, 10, 11, 12*
  • Fundamental World History* (High School)
  • Fundamental U.S. History* (High School)
  • Fundamental Government*
  • Fundamental Economics*

Fundamental Courses are for students who qualify for special education services and do not meet A-G guidelines