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Policy Name Policy No.
 Parent Involvement  6020
 School Calendar  6110
 Instructional School Calendar  6111
 School Day  6112
 Released Time  6113
 Drills for Emergencies  6114
 Drills for Emergencies  6114/AR-1
 Fire  6114.1
 Civil Defense  6114.2
 Earthquake  6114.3
 Earthquake  6114.3/AR-3
 Bomb Threats  6114.4
 Ceremonies and Observances  6115
 Ceremonies and Observances  6115/AR-1
 Control of Classroom Interruptions  6116
 Control of Classroom Interruptions  6116/AR-1
 Weather Related Schedules  6118
 Departmental Organization  6130
 Departmental Organization  6130/AR-1
 Curriculum Development and Evaluation  6140
 Courses of Study  6141
 Courses of Study  6141/AR-1
 Alternative Learning Programs  6141.1
 Educational Opportunities/Independent Study  6141.1/AR-1
 Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs  6141.2
 Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs  6141.2/AR-1
 Advanced Placements  6141.5
 Advanced Placements  6141.5/AR-1
 Family Life/Sex Education   6142
 Family Life/Sex Education  6142/AR-1
 HIV/AIDS Instruction  6142.1
 AIDS Prevention Instruction  6142.1/AR-1
 Service Learning  6142.2
 Environmental Awareness  6142.5
 Environmental Awareness  6142.5/AR-1
 The Study of Controversial Issues, Subjects, and Materials  6144
 The Study of Controversial Issues, Subjects, and Materials  6144/AR-1 
 Complaints Concerning the Schools  6144.01
 Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials  6144.02
 Instructional Materials  6144.2/AR-1
 Complaints Concerning Consolidated Use of Outside Speakers  6144.4
 Publications: Student Newspaper and Yearbook  6145.1
 Publications: Student Newspaper and Yearbook  6145.1/AR-1
 Public Performances and Exhibitions  6145.2
 Organizations: Councils, Cabinets, Committees, Class Activities  6145.3
 Interscholastic Athletics  6145.4
 Coaching Assignments  6145.4/AR-1
 Athletic Trainer  6145.4/AR-2
 Middle School Sports Program  6145.5
 Student Organizations and Equal Access  6146
 Student Organizations and Equal Access  6146/AR-1
 Reciprocity of Academic Credit  6146.3
 Reciprocity of Academic Credit  6146.3/AR-1
 Transportation Fees/Extra-Curricular & Co-Curricular  6153
 Transportation Fees/Extra-Curricular & Co-Curricular  6153/AR-1
 Transportation Service Fees  6153/AR-2
 School Sponsored Trips  6153.1
 School Sponsored Trips  6153.1/AR-1
 School Sponsored Field Trip Request Form  6153.1/AR-1 Att
 School Sponsored Field Trip Permission Form  6153.1/AR-2 Att
 Homework  6154
 Homework  6154/AR-1
 Individualized Education Program (IEP)  6159
 Members of the IEP Team  6159/AR-1
 Behavioral Interventions for Special Education Students  6159.4/AR-1
 Academic Standards  6160
 Equipment, Books and Materials  6161
 Equipment, Books and Materials  6161/AR-1
 Selection and Adoption of Instructional Materials  6161.1
 Instructional Materials Adoption Committee Disclosure Statement  6161.1/AR-1
 Selection of Library-Media Materials  6161.2
 Damaged or Lost Instructional Materials  6161.4
 Hazardous Substances  6161.5
 Hazardous Substances  6161.5/AR-1
 Student Assessment  6162.5
 Standardized Testing and Reporting Program  6162.5/AR-1
 Library Media Centers  6163.1
 Animals at School  6163.2
 Animals at School  6163.2/AR-1
 Guidance  6164
 Identification of Individuals for Special Ed  6164.4
 Identification of Individuals for Special Education  6164.4/AR-1
 Identification, Evaluation and Placement Under Section 504  6164.6
 Identification, Evaluation and Placement Under Section 504  6164.6/AR-1
 Psychological Services  6165
 Speech/Hearing  6166
 Student Production of Services and Materials  6167
 Acceptable Use Policy for Computing Resources  6168
 Acceptable Use Policy for Computing Resources - Spanish
 6168 SP
 Gifted and Talented Student Program  6172
 Home Instruction  6173
 Home Instruction  6173/AR-1
 Home Instruction  6173/AR-1 Att 1
 Home Instruction  6173/AR-1 Att 2
 Home Instruction  6173/AR-1 Att 3
 Home Instruction  6173/AR-1 Att 4
 Education for Homeless Children  6173.1
 Education for Homeless Children  6173.1/AR-1
 Opportunity Program  6174
 Opportunity Program  6174/AR-1
 Opportunity Program Contract  6174/AR-1 Att 1
 Opportunity Program Student Goals  6174/AR-1 Att 2
 Opportunity Program Student Referral  6174/AR-1 Att 3
 Summer School  6175
 Summer School  6175/AR-1
 Education For English Language Learners  6176
 Education For English Language Learners  6176/AR-1
 Work Experience  6178.1
 Work Experience  6178.1/AR-1
 Supplemental Instruction  6179
 Supplemental Instruction  6179/AR-1
 Evaluation of the Instructional Program  6180
 Categorical Program Evaluation  6183
 Categorical Program Evaluation  6183/AR-1
 Continuation Education  6184 
 Continuation Education  6184/AR-1
 School Accountability Report Card  6187
 School Accountability Report Card  6187/AR-1
 High School Graduation Requirements  6200
 High School Graduation Requirements  6200/AR-1
 Alternative Credits Toward Graduation  6200.1
 Alternative Credits Toward Graduation  6200.1/AR-1
 Differential Graduation  6200.2
 Admission of Minors (Under 18) to San Dieguito Adult HS Program  6391
 Tuition  6392
 Tuition and Fees for Students Attending Adult School  6392/AR-1