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Policy Name Policy No.
 Equal Employment Opportunity Program  4100.1
 Equal Employment Opportunity Program  4100.1/AR-1
 Nondiscrimination  4100.2
 Nondiscrimination  4100.2/AR-1
 Request for Communication Accommodations  4100.2/AR-2
 Certificated Personnel/Recruitment and Selection  4111
 Recruitment and Selection  4111/AR-1
 Re-employment of Certificated Personnel  4111.1
 Appointment  4112
 Contract: Teachers  4112.1
 Personnel Files  4112.2
 Personnel Files  4112.2/AR-1
 Oath or Affirmation  4112.3
 Oath of Allegiance Form  4112.3 Attach
 Child Abuse Reporting Statement  4112.4
 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements  4112.4/AR-1
 Drug-Free Workplace  4112.5
 Employee Drug Testing  4112.6
 Employee Drug Testing  4112.6/AR-1
 Employment References  4112.61
 Employment References  4112.61/AR-1
 Employee Acceptable Use Policy  4112.7
 Employee Acceptable Use Policy  4112.7/AR-1
 Employee Notifications  4112.9
 Certification  4113
 Health Examination  4114
 Bloodborne Pathogens  4114.1
 Assignment  4115.1
 Assignment - Summer School or Adult Education  4115.2
 Rights, Responsibilities and Duties  4116
 Departmental Organization  4116.01
 Departmental Organization  4116.01/AR-1
 Complaints Concerning the Schools  4116.1
 Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials  4116.2
 Instructional Materials  4116.2/AR-1
 Academic and Personal Freedom  4116.21
 Tobacco-Free Schools/Smoking  4116.6
 Tobacco-Free Schools/Smoking  4116.6/AR-1
 Competency and Teacher Evaluators  4117
 Evaluation/Supervision  4117/AR-1
 Certificated Personnel Probationary/ Permanent Status  4118
 Civil and Legal Rights  4118.1
 Unique Needs of Probationary Certificated Employees  4118.2
 Unique Needs of Probationary Certificated Employees  4118.2/AR-1
 Separation  4119
 Notice of Disciplinary Action/Right of Appeal  4119/AR-1
 Hearing: Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action  4119/AR-2
 Pre-Retirement Part-Time Employment   4119.1/AR-1
 Sexual Harassment  4119.11
 Resignation  4119.2
 Professional Standards  4119.21
 Employees with Infectious Disease  4119.41
 Assignment - Extra-Curricular Personnel  4120
 Extra-Curricular Assignments  4120/AR-1
 Extra-Curricular Assignments/Evaluation  4120/AR-2
 Coaching Expectations and Responsibilities  4121
 Substitute Teacher Salary Schedule  4121/AR-2
 Substitute Teachers  4122
 Professional Trainees  4123
 Professional Trainees  4123/AR-1
 Part-Time Teachers  4124
 Mentor Teacher  4130
 Staff Development  4131
 Professional Growth Requirements  4132
 Professional Growth Requirements  4132/AR-1
 Travel  4133
 Travel  4133/AR-1
 Tutoring  4134
 Complaint Procedure  4135
 Travel Events, Meetings and Conferences  4136
 In-District Meetings  4136/AR-2
 Meeting Expense  4136.1
 Solicitation and Drives  4137
 Lactation Accommodation  4138
 Peer Assistance and Review  4139/AR-1
 Bargaining Units  4140
 Employee Compensation  4141
 Certificated Salary Schedule  4141 Attach
 Compensation and Related Benefits  4141/AR-1
 Extra-Curricular Salaries  4143/AR-1
 Tax Sheltered Accounts  4146.1
 Employee Protection  4147
 Safety Conditions of Employment  4148
 Leaves and Vacations  4150
 Teacher Inservice Leave  4151.1
 Military Leave  4151.2
 Instructional School Calendar  4153.3
 Employee Recognition Program  4154
 Superintendent of Schools  4160.1
 Superintendent of Schools  4160.1/AR-1
 Associate Superintendent/Instruction  4160.2
 Associate Superintendent/Instruction  4160.2/AR-1
 Associate Superintendent/Human Resources  4160.3
 Associate Superintendent/Human Resources  4160.3/AR-1
 Associate Superintendent/Administrative Services  4160.3-1
 Principal - Senior High School, Middle School  4160.4
 Principal - Senior High School, Middle School  4160.4/AR-1
 Assistant Principal - Senior High School, Middle School  4160.5 
 Assistant Principal - Senior High School, Middle School  4160.5/AR-1
 Administrative Trainee  4160.6
 Administrative Trainee  4160.6/AR-1
 Principal - Sunset High School  4160.7
 Principal - Sunset High School  4160.7/AR-1
 Principal - Adult School  4160.8
 Principal - Adult School  4160.8/AR-1
 Dean of Student Services  4160.8-1
 Computer Resource Person  4160.9
 Computer Assistant  4160.10
 Psychologist  4160.11
 Psychologist  4160.11/AR-1 
 Director of Pupil Personnel Services and Alternative Schools  4160.12
 Director of Pupil Personnel Services and Alternative Schools  4160.12/AR-1
 Teacher of Visually Handicapped  4160.13
 Teacher of Visually Handicapped  4160.13/AR-1
 Speech and Hearing Specialist  4160.14
 Speech and Hearing Specialist  4160.14/AR-1
 School Nurse  4160.15
 School Nurse  4160.15/AR-1
 Director of Instructional Support  4160.16
 Coordinator of Driver Education  4160.17
 Coordinator of Driver Education  4160.17/AR-1
 Coordinator of Student Services  4160.18
 Gate Building Coordinator  4160.19
 Gate Building Coordinator  4160.19/AR-1
 Director of Special Education  4160.20
 Work Experience Teacher  4160.21 
 Work Experience Teacher  4160.21/AR-1
 Counselors  4160.22
 Student Assistance Services Counselor  4160.23
 Student Assistance Services Counselor  4160.23/AR-1
 Athletic Director  4160.24
 Athletic Director  4160.24/AR-1
 Classroom Teacher Grades 7-12  4160.25
 Classroom Teacher Grades 7-12  4160.25/AR-1
 Library/Media Specialist  4160.26
 Library/Media Specialist  4160.26/AR-1
 Associated Student Body Advisor  4160.27
 Associated Student Body Advisor  4160.27/AR-1
 Instructional Specialist  4160.28
 Instructional Specialist/Migrant Education and Bilingual Program  4160.28/AR-1
 Instructional Specialist/VEA/ROP  4160.28/AR-3
 Instructional Specialist/Business Education  4160.28/AR-4
 Instructional Specialist/Special Education  4160.28/AR-5
 Instructional Specialist/Bilingual Resource Teacher-Title VII  4160.28/AR-7
 Coordinator of Technical Ed, EL, & Academic Intervention  4160.29
 Coordinator of Technical Ed, EL, & Academic Intervention  4160.29/AR-1
 Site Technology Representative  4160.30
 Executive Director of Educational Services  4160.31
 Director of Educational Technology  4160.32
 Title I Coordinator  4160.33
 District Library-Media Coordinator  4160.34
 District Library-Media Coordinator  4160.34/AR-1
 Deputy Superintendent  4160.35
 Deputy Superintendent  4160.35/AR-1
 Coordinator of Special Education  4160.36
 Program Supervisor - Special Education  4160.37
 School Social Worker  4160.38
 Director of School and Student Services  4160.39
 Director of Accountability and Special Programs  4160.40
 District Mental Health Support Provider  4160.41
Coordinator of Student Support Services  4160.42