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Charles Adams
Director of Special Education

The Special Education Department employs a team of professionals to implement wide- ranging educational and support programs that provide instruction and services to the students of the San Dieguito Union High School District. Listed below are services provided by the Special Education Department:

Special Education Administrative Directory
Charles Adams
Director of Special Education
(760) 753-6491 ext. 5619
Coordinator of Special Education
District Wide Programming
(760) 753-6491 ext. 5528
Dr. Crystal Bejarano
Program Supervisor
ERMHS & Seaside Prep
(760) 753-6491 ext. 5124
Program Supervisor
Diegueno MS, La Costa Canyon HS, Oak Crest MS, San Dieguito HS Academy
(760) 753-6491 ext. 5588
Tiffany Hazlewood
Program Supervisor
Canyon Crest Academy, Carmel Valley MS, Earl Warren MS, Torrey Pines HS
(760) 753-6491 ext. 5556
Rachel Page
Program Supervisor
Moderate/Severe, Instructional Aides
(760) 753-6491 ext. 5557
DonnaCrosby Administrative Secretary (760) 753-6491 ext. 5546
Marisa Thompson Administrative Secretary (760) 753-6491 ext. 5515
Thea Welch Accounting Technician (760) 753-6491 ext. 5517
Carmen Blum Spanish Translator / Interpreter (760) 753-6491 ext. 5545
Kelly Dunn Assistive Technology (760) 753-6241
Joyce Bischke Occupational Therapist (858) 755-1558 ext. 4417
Nathan Molina Coordinator of TPP & Workability (760) 436-6136 ext. 6101
Debra Cruse Reading Specialist (858) 755-1558 ext. 4497
Amy Briggs Dr. Crystal Bejarano Rachel Page Rebecca Gallow Tiffany Hazlewood